Coming Attractions: Truancy

Coming Attractions


This section will highlight anticipated developments within the education arena including forthcoming publications.



Truancy presents many complex challenges to our schools nationwide and if you are seeking ways to solve these problems, you will be interested in reading: 


Don’t Fence Me In: Essays on the Rational Truant, Fighting Truancy With Consumer Choice in Education by Bruce S. Cooper, Frances R. Spielhagen and Stephen Coffin in M. P. Conolly and D. O’Keeffe (editors), Education, Truancy and Rationality.  Buckingham, England: University of Buckingham Press (forthcoming 2009). 


Truancy is crystallized by Cooper, Spielhagen and Coffin as follows:  “Truancy is rampant in U.S. schools, as students “cut class” and “skip school” in alarming numbers.  This problem is serious, as our research has shown, and indicates a mounting difficulty with the schools’ ability to meet students’ needs – and even to get them to come to school on a regular and reliable basis, and then to attend classes once students are registered as “present” in school.”



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